Gas & Groceries for a year!

Year of FREE Gas and Groceries

99.9 More FM is helping your family budget by giving you the chance to win Gas and Groceries for an entire year thanks to Coborn's!


 Qualifying is now finished! The grand prize drawing will be around 7:40 Monday morning! Good Luck too all!

Click here for the official rules.

Please note according to the rules above. If 9th person doesn't reply back with their name within 30 minutes they forfeit their gift card and chance to win Gas & Groceries for an entire year and another text will be chosen at random!!!

Thursday, March 24th Winners:

8:00-Mara Lund

11:00-Cheryl Minks

4:00-Lori Scherping

Friday, March 25th Winners:

8:00-Jolene Buhs

11:00-Shannon Prom

4:00-Marsha Riendeau


Monday, March 28th Winners:

8:00-Melissa Boron

11:00-Elizabeth Starr

4:00-Shari Bellinger


Tuesday, March 29 Winners:

8:00-Tricia Peters

11:00-Carrie Gramke

4:00-Cindy Turner


Wednesday, March 30th Winners:

8:00-Alvina Slye

11:00-Cheryl Kelley

4:00-Stacey Nistler


Thursday, March 31st Winners:

8:00-Angie Richards

11:00-Michelle Lortz

4:00-Iane Glade


Friday, April 1st Winners:

8:00-Brandon Reichel

11:00-Kim Neisen

4:00-Amanda Louise Timm


Monday, April 4th Winners:

8:00-Melissa Theisen

11:00-Teri Evans-Niezgocki

4:00-Jeremy Meyer


Tuesday, April 5th Winners:

8:00-Miranda Fish

11:00-Trish Bonovsky

4:00-Stacy St. Onge


Wednesday, April 6th Winners:

8:00-Thanh Tran

11:00-Melissa Kay Prom

4:00-Susan Elaine Sweeney


Thursday, April 7th Winners:

8:00-Kristi Lortz

11:00-Linda Dooley-Bauer

4:00-Jessica Legg


Friday, April 8th Winners:

8:00-Michelle Krueger

11:00-Cheryl Foshaug

4:00-Shannon Pleoger


Monday, April 11th Winners:

8:00-Bonnie Gilbert

11:00-Anita Lindholm

4:00-Theresa Braegelmann


Tuesday, April 12th Winners:

8:00-Michelle Bellrichard

11:00-Crystal Specht

4:00-Mary Hipp


Wednesday, April 13th Winners:

8:00-Laura Shaw

11:00-Karla Teer


Thursday, April 14th Winners:

8:00-Mary Hetland

11:00-Sheryl Workman

4:00-Sherry Kantor


Friday, April 15th Winners:

8:00-Terri Boysen

11:00-Teri Kristiansen

4:00-Sue Pick


Monday, April 18th Winners:

8:00-Jodi Brinkman

11:00-Lisa Edelbrock

4:00-Bobbi Jo Douvier


Tuesday, April 19th Winners:

8:00-Becky Rothanburg

11:00-Char Nistler-Hall

4:00-Joelle Meyer


Wednesday, April 20th Winners:

8:00-Emily Benkowski

11:00-Annette Schueller

4:00-Melissa Eisenschenk


Thursday, April 21st Winners:

8:00-William Hipp

11:00-Julie Ruegemer

4:00-Renee Bertram


Friday, April 22nd Winners:

8:00-Charity Kirchner

11:00-Gina Sonaglia

4:00-Cindy Larson


Monday, April 25th Winners:

8:00-Vera Kahle

11:00-Mary Birkland

4:00-Jane Rennie


Tuesday, April 26th Winners:

8:00-Linda Novak

11:00-Traci Zenner

4:00-Melanie Hamann


Wednesday, April 27th Winners:

8:00-Susan Gruszka

11:00-Fran Jenny

4:00 John Kidd


Thursday, April 28th Winners:

8:00-Cindy Reichel

10:00-Dean Horn

11:00-Kathryn Greb

2:00-David VanVickle

4:00-Nancy Dufner


Good luck too all! Drawing around 7:40 Monday morning!