Nearly Impossible Question

Listen weekdays around 3:20 for the Nearly Impossible Question with Mike Ryan. Be the first person to solve it by calling 320-253-MORE (6673) and you win.

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 Monday, February 8th

Nearly Impossible Question: According to a recent survey, 20% of homes have this. It doesn’t work and they have no desire to fix it! What is it?

Answer: Doorbell!


 Tuesday, February 9th

Nearly Impossible Question: According to a recent survey, 15% of women do this on Valentine’s Day. What is it?

Answer: Send themselves flowers!


 Wednesday, February 10th

Nearly Impossible Question: These people will receive the most Valentine’s Day cards, followed by children, mothers and wives. Who are they?

Answer: Teachers!


 Thursday, February 11th

Nearly Impossible Question: According to a new survey of American adults, this is the #1 thing that they say is getting in the way of a healthy lifestyle….what is it?

Hint: You may be doing it right now until 5:00 PM?