More Music Workday with Mollie - 10 AM - 3 PM

IMG-Mollie.jpgMollie grew up in Moose Lake MN (near Duluth). She attended Hibbing Community College and played softball there for two years where she earned her AA degree. She started at SCSU in 2012 as a transfer student going for Public Relations. Mollie worked at Howies bar in town where she met a sales rep from Leighton Broadcasting who got her her first radio internship. She started answering phones for the morning show on KCLD and after a year and a half she became their third mic. Mollie also does her own show on Saturdays on KCLD, board ops on KNSI, and fills in on WILD Country 99. Mollie is very excited for her new Midday show on 99.9 More FM and hopes to continue to learn and grow. Mollie has changed her major to Mass Communications with an emphasis in radio broadcast with hopes of graduating in May.

Recently, Mollie traveled to Mexico and Jamaica where she met the coolest people ever! She discovered her new love for traveling and hopes to do it more often. She loves the hot sun and sandy beaches but says nothing beats the Minnesota WILD hockey games, Christmas light, backroads and music festivals. Mollie doesn't want to settle down or have kids for a very very long time.

Facts on Facts on Facts:

  • Mollie has 4 siblings and 11 nieces and nephews.
  • She chipped her front tooth in 3rd grade.
  • Yoga pants or no pants.
  • She quotes movies like it's her job.
  • She sings the words wrong to every song.